Lindsey Stuttle Promoted to SVP, Compliance Manager

Lindsey Stuttle Headshot

United Bank is pleased to announce that Lindsey Stuttle has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Compliance Manager.

Stuttle joined United Bank in 2006. She has held various positions during her time at the Bank, including Teller, Head Teller, Branch Manager, Compliance Specialist, Compliance Manager, Assistant Vice President, and Vice President.

“We’re excited to congratulate Lindsey on this well-deserved promotion,” said Nathan Gairhan, President & CEO. “Her expertise has been a true asset to our compliance department. She has proven herself to be a capable and committed leader, and we look forward to championing her continued success at United Bank.”

Stuttle holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of Arkansas. Lindsey currently serves on the Bank's IT Committee. She has previously served a rotation on the Bank’s Products and Services Committee and on the Perks and Recreation Committee, which focuses on talent acquisition, retention, and employee engagement.