Kasasa - The Easy Way to Save!


People have a near-immediate response when I mention the idea of saving money. For some, that response is positive. They already feel good about their savings plan and are looking forward to their financial future.

For the greater majority, however, those same words bring a very different response. Everyone knows it’s something we either should be doing or should be doing more. If we aren’t meeting our preconceived savings ideal, the negative feelings can run deep. Sometimes we deal with that negativity with procrastination and avoidance. No one wants to dwell too long on the things we feel we are failing to do.

News flash: Saving money should not be this hard.

Start Where You Are

Remember the old saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned?” We still use that saying because it’s true. Even one penny saved is more than you would have if you hadn’t saved it in the first place. Sometimes we don’t start because we think we need to start big. You don’t. Most people won’t miss $5 a month. And $5 a month, although it isn’t a lot, is still more than $0 a month. Once you are habitually setting that money aside, you can gradually increase the amount. Don’t wait until you can start big to start. Just start where you are.

Be Thoughtless

Once you choose an amount, you can put saving money on autopilot. Our Kasasa Checking and Saver accounts can be easily linked. With just a few clicks on our UB mobile app or online banking, you can set up your savings to transfer from your Kasasa checking account to your Kasasa Saver automatically. You can even customize transfer frequency to suit your financial goals. You can set it and forget it. It couldn’t be simpler.

We Are Here To Help You

We are here to help you reach your financial goals. Our Financial Service Representatives will give you more information about our Kasasa accounts and help you with our United Banking App. Next time someone starts talking about saving money, you can feel good.